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Wildwood Recreation:

The state of the art Byrne Community Center, which was paid for by a combination of grants, bonds and a one million dollar donation from the Byrne Fund for Wildwood, Inc., a special program instituted by the J. Byrne Insurance Agency to benefit local residents opened in mid October of 2008.  The new community center replaced the aging Wildwood Rec. on East Rio Grande Avenue, which was no more than a small gym with a concrete floor.  The Byrne Community Center features a basketball court, fitness room, computer room, meeting room, dance hall, kitchen facilities and will host after school programs for local students as well as social and exercise programs for seniors, a use which the old Recreation Center could never accommodate properly.  The center is located on the south side of Maxwell Field, 401 W. Youngs Avenue.

Mission Statement:

The Byrne Community Center strives to provide affordable, quality programs meeting the needs of the community.  We are committed to providing quality recreational services, which are educational, fun and rewarding for all age groups.  The Director of Recreation advises the Recreation Commission and the Mayor on all activities that are taking place and on all future recreational programs.


The Byrne Community Center offers a variety of adult and youth classes for participants of all abilities.  Program offerings include passive and active programs, special events and league activities in a safe and learning environment.  The recreation department takes responsibility for maintaining and improving the City's Recreation Facilities to ensure that the quality programs are offered in quality surroundings.  The Byrne Community Center will strive to exceed the future demands of growth and change in the community while keeping true to the tradition and values that have made the City of Wildwood a good place to live, work and play.


We will establish a network of youth development and family enrichment programs and services that enable youth to acquire assets to become productive, functional and fully integrated members of the community.  We will maintain facilities, buildings and grounds to the highest safety standards and ensure that they are clean, bright and aesthetically pleasing.  We will enhance the quality of life for all residents by providing physical, social, cultural, natural, intellectual and passive programming for all ages.  We will have a qualified, dedicated and motivated staff.  We will operate in a professional manner with an eye on providing quality services and leadership. 

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